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Friday, September 22, 2006

Adding subtitles


Today I have been adding subtitles to the Live DVD, why subtitles, well all the lyrics of the tracks will come up in sync if you want to follow them rather than reading the booklet. I think it's quite a good idea but the problem is you have to manually go through and add them which is very time consuming, having said that I do think it will be worth it. So I have to go through the whole gig and extras material which is the music video of the day the walls fell in and the interview. I thought I would get it done in a day but it is taking more time than I thought so will have to carry on tomorrow - forever the perfectionist.

posted by Richard @ 10:54 PM


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Still editing


I am still editing away with the interview and it's looking great, well apart from having me all over the screen :-) . It is actually quite difficult editing yourself as you really have to concentrate on the words far more than looking at the visuals otherwise you get to wrapped up on little face twitches etc., well not that have any of course.

posted by Richard @ 8:44 PM


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Interview editing


Today I've started editing the interview I recorded last week, I think it should work out pretty well, it is very difficult sometimes editing your own words as you have to look at it from the viewers point of view. I will have to leave in all the cringe worthy stuff but maybe they're not that bad. It will probably end up being around 15mins which I think is about right.

posted by Richard @ 10:27 PM


Monday, September 11, 2006

I'm back


Back in London after a weekend working in Amsterdam, I do like the city but I have been there so many times now that the novelty is wearing off now. Having said that it was a good trip as I caught up with some people I haven't seen for a while and made some good new contacts.

posted by Richard @ 11:19 PM


Friday, September 08, 2006

Back to Amsterdam


I'm in Amsterdam for the weekend at the annual IBC exhibition. IBC (International Broadcasters Convention) is where all the broadcast and video manufacturers come to show their products. I am there for a bit of work but always looking at what's new that could help me with videos and webcasting. Back on Monday

and back to me...

posted by Richard @ 10:10 PM


Thursday, September 07, 2006

DVD Interview


Today I have been recording an interview that will be included in the extras section of the live DVD. It is a similar format to the Story so far interview that is already on the website. This interview will also be edited for the website as "The story so far part 2". Also like before the interviewer was Richard Gillis a journalist friend of mine. I think it worked out OK but until I have edited up it is difficult to say.

and back to me...

posted by Richard @ 10:57 PM


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tomorrow Today


I have been at the mic all day today recording some new vocals to the track"tomorrow" which I will be adding as a bonus studio track on the Live DVD. The chorus I already had was vocally ok but I wanted to vary the lyric a bit by adding new lines as a counter melody. It took a while to get the right feel and mic sound to add the new vocals in without too much problem. I really like the result and I think this will make the track stronger.

and back to me...

posted by Richard @ 11:17 PM


Monday, September 04, 2006

CD running order


Well it's back to the music again, the Live DVD as we all know is in the process of getting finished but for the CD version of this I am putting 3 studio tracks as bonus additions. The CD running list will be the following;

Questions and answers (live)
Sunrise (live)
Hiding away (live)
Turning around (live)
In another world (live)
Long ago (live)
The last time (live)

The day the walls fell in (bonus studio)
Tomorrow (bonus studio)
You're gone (bonus studio)

These 3 studio tracks are already finished although I want to re-record some of the vocals and re-mix them. I think it will be well worth it. So Tomorrow it's "Tomorrow" if you know what I mean.

and back to me...

posted by Richard @ 10:01 PM


Friday, September 01, 2006

I'm back for the birthday


Yes I'm back after a bit of a break and what better day to come back than my websites first birthday. I can't believe that it's really a year since I launched the site. I could bore you with statistics on how many hits etc. but let's say that it's far more than I could have ever imagined. So what have I being doing over the last few weeks, well I took some time off from all the music to re-charge the batteries, but I have been working on the Live DVD which is very close to finishing now, yes I know I have said that before but I keep improving the artwork and re-mixing to make it as good as I can. I am looking at a release date probably 1st November. So what is there still to do, well most of the major work is done it's just the fine details which take time, maybe I am being a little bit to much of a perfectionist but I do think it will be worth it.

and back to me...

posted by Richard @ 11:19 PM


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