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eNews is a read-only mailing list of messages sent directly from Richard, providing the most current news and information, eNews is monthly to update you what's new, or to announce special events. If you wish to join eNews click here



eTeams are effectively you the public, that is if you want to participate, it's really a way of helping to promote Richard via the Internet, How?, well there are some very simple ways like putting a link in your email signature like;

"and back to him" - for new original music visit

for more information on eTeams and how you can participate please click here



The is the online meeting point to connect with Richard and anyone else that has logged on, please login to the forum to exchange ideas and maybe suggest something new. Feedback is so incredibly important to a project like this so register now and make a difference.

to login to the forum click here



Visitors who register into the will automatically be eligable for the eNews monthly news letters plus being able to login to the members section. This service will be free for the foreseable future and you can always unsubscribe whenever you wish.

members benefits will include the following;

  • hear new music samples before they are available to the main site.
  • special discounts on album and download pricing.
  • advance notice of any live dates or appearances.
  • unseen video clips including humerous outakes.
  • photo libraries
  • special merchandise
  • competitions


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