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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

PR ready


I have my promotional postcards back from the printers and they look great, I am really pleased, this is going to be so helpful when meeting people to give out something to take away with them.

I have said before about you never know when the writing urge will hit you, well that happened last night, just strumming the guitar and before I knew it I had basis of a good track, no lyrics yet but a strong melody, watch this space for more news on that soon.

and back to me...

posted by Richard @ 11:24 PM


Sunday, November 27, 2005

Blog by Candlelight


I'm here sitting in the dark typing very quickly before the battery on my laptop runs out, my apartment amongst others has been plunged into darkness as a power cut hits the area, apparently the cold weather has put pressure on a cable and made it crack, today of all days as I was planning a whole day of recording and with out a volt, watt can I do, ohm dear hopefully some bright spark will fix the problem soon otherwise today will be a total non starter, anyway better go before my battery goes.

and black to me...

posted by Richard @ 7:09 PM


Friday, November 25, 2005

Members Unite


It's full steam ahead in creating the members section for the website. It's really going to evolve as time goes by but will only really come into it's own when the visitor has a separate login account. I want to try and put exclusive and unusual content in this section so I am busy creating and compiling some content.

I'm looking forward to the promotional postcards coming back from the printers which hopefully will be tomorrow but more likely Monday, I just hope I created the files correctly and there is no spelling mistakes, we'll see

and back to me...

posted by Richard @ 12:12 AM


Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Postcard Sent


The postcard flyers I had been designing last week went off to the printers today, so hopefully they will be back by the weekend. I will then use these as promotional giveaways to try and attract people to the site. I have held back from the posters just at the moment as I want to try a few different ideas.

I am also busy writing the next eNews issue due to go out 1st December which will focus on the launch of the members area together with a new episode of "adventures of a travelling man". And a new song!!, yep I kept that quiet didn't I, so a busy few days ahead.

and back to me...

posted by Richard @ 11:38 PM


Sunday, November 20, 2005

Travelling Help


Just back from Rome after spending a great weekend just being a tourist and exploring, I find the city amazing and I am constantly taken aback by the ingenuity of the ancient Romans and the city they built, and of course being me I had to get some footage of me in Rome for the Travelling Man video, what else but the Coliseum. When I am filming on my own it's not too difficult to set up the camera and a tripod but taking stills at the same time is a little more difficult, as I have often said filming and playing a guitar always attracts attention and today was no different, I was asked to take a photo for two girls from Vienna, Austria, of course in return they took my photos one of which is above. So to Doris and Raphaela from Austria thanks for your help and as promised here's your pictures.

and back to me...

posted by Richard @ 9:44 PM


Thursday, November 17, 2005

Roman around


Off to Rome tonight for the weekend, a little bit of time off, but of course I will have the camera at the ready just in case there is a moment to capture.

and back to me...

posted by Richard @ 3:57 PM


Monday, November 14, 2005

Still Life


The thing is about writing music is that you never know when the moment will strike, anyway on my last day in LA I was strumming my guitar to pass the time whilst waiting for the flight, and something just stuck, so today rather than forget it I but the idea down and was surprised at how differently it evolved. That's one of the great things about recording whilst writing, a whole new idea can spring forward that takes you on a completely different path. So the working title of this track is Still life, the lyrics are slowly coming together, I will place a snippet on the site soon, it is very different than all the other tracks which is I hope a good thing.

and back to me...

posted by Richard @ 10:24 PM


Friday, November 11, 2005

A sign and remembrance


Travelling Man time again and this time the most recognisable piece of LA. It took a while to walk to this spot from where the cab dropped me off but it was worth it. A strange thing happened though, just when I was just to start filming I looked at my watch and it was exactly 11am on the 11/11, which meant it was Armistice Day. So I sat down in this quiet place and remembered. After 5 minutes of reflection it was time to shoot some footage. The light and positioning were just right, the only thing was I had forgotten to tell the cab to come and pick me up again - doh!, anyway after a few interesting phone calls I managed to get a cab back to the hotel.

and back to me...

posted by Richard @ 9:02 PM


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Star Struck


Well just another normal day in Hollywood, not much to report, although I had to go to some ceremony to unvail a star on the Hollywood walk of fame for a little known musician. Strange but you know I do wish him well. :-)

and back to me...

posted by Richard @ 1:34 AM


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Jet lagged


Jet lag is very strange thing, how one moment you feel fine and the next.......... Sorry where was I?. Here I am in LA feeling a little jet lagged to say the least and guess what the weather is not what I'm used to from LA.... It's grey raining and well more like London. The weather forecast for the next few days is more of the same but hopefully there will be a break in the clouds for me to get some shots for the Travelling Man video, the obvious choice is with the Hollywood sign and probably the Chinese theatre, but then again things can always change.

and back to me...

posted by Richard @ 1:07 AM


Friday, November 04, 2005

Flyer away day


Today I have been designing some marketing flyers to start giving away for promotion to the website and gigs, I have created 4 different postcard size flyers with some contact information on the back. I also plan to have them on the site so the eTeam members can download them for use in their own promotional activities. Tomorrow it's poster day :-)

and back to me...

posted by Richard @ 9:19 PM


Thursday, November 03, 2005

Organisation is what you need


Today has been a day of looking at where I am and making some notes for what needs to be done, in listening to all the tracks back to back it gave me for the first time and idea of the running order of the album. Oh no not going to share that with you just yet but the bright and devious amongst you may already know what it is :-). I may have given it away before... But then again would I?.

Off to LA on Monday for a week so it's Travelling Man time again, obviously the Hollywood sign will have me and guitar in front of it but watch out for something pretty cool, I just hope it works out.

and back to me...

posted by Richard @ 11:47 PM


2 months on


Well it's 2 months down in the life of and things are going really well, it's been quite an interesting journey so far with more hits than I expected but less communication than I wanted. So hopefully with the start of some live gigs coming soon and the finishing of the album in January I can say that things are looking bright.

and back to me...

posted by Richard @ 12:37 AM


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