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Title: Live from London


Released: 4th December 2006

Format: DVD


  • mp3_preview questions and answers
  • mp3_preview sunrise
  • mp3_preview hiding away
  • mp3_preview turning around
  • mp3_preview in another world
  • mp3_preview long ago
  • mp3_preview the last time


  • mp3_preview the day the walls fell in (music video)
  • mp3_preview interview
  • mp3_preview picture gallery

Release date: 4th December 2006

Format: DVD Video ( PAL and NTSC )

Producer: Richard Hingley

Music and Lyrics: All tracks Richard Hingley

Info: This DVD was recorded live at the Archway music club, London 30th March 2006. Small intimate gig showcasing tracks from the forthcoming studio album "and back to me...". Extras include and interview, picture gallery and music video of "the day the walls fell in"


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