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"Turning around - EP and Single"


"Turning around" is the brand new release from Singer Songwriter Richard Hingley. Available as an EP or the title track as a Digital download single.

The EP consists of 4 tracks, the title track “Turning around” , “Real Life”, “Trapped” and a Live Acoustic version of “Turning around” taken from the live CD and DVD “Live from London” which is also released by Key Music Records Ltd. It's classic rock grounding with strong melodies makes it a very accessable listen.

Placing music in a genre is a must in the days of digital downloads and searching but Hingley’s music crosses many boundaries. Rock?, yes, alternative?, yes,?, experimental? we think so, original?, most definitely and all written, performed engineered and produced by Hingley himself.

As well as being a songwriter and session musician Hingley starting in the music industry, engineering and producing records. Influenced strongly by his father - a prominent musician - this background enabled Hingley to utilise this musicianship within the projects he was involved with. This grounding in audio engineering and production is evident in the quality of this self produced CD.


Turning around - EP - listen

available soon from Key Music Records Ltd. and downloads from iTunes



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