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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Midem 2006

I plan to attend the 2006 MIDEM Conference and exhibition in Cannes between the 23rd - 26th January. MIDEM attracts independent and major record companies, music publishers, online & traditional distributors, live music professionals, A&R executives, agents, producers, promoters, import/exporters, manufacturers, service companies, retailers, attorneys and rights organisations. This quality of participants makes it a magnet for music buyers from other fields and industries, including technology, advertising, video game companies and film and TV producers. MIDEM also attracts the world’s radio, print, online and TV media. With over 10,000 industry executives from over 92 countries attending it is an ideal opportunity for me to publicise my music. The main focus of my trip is to look for contacts in the field of Distribution for the release of my CD later this year plus maybe an Artist Management company to help with the publicity and getting gigs. For further information on Midem please
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posted by Richard @ Thursday, January 05, 2006


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